USB2.0 Pen Drive MP3 Player 8GB Digital Audio Sound Voice Recorder (OP-USBR-13)



Product Features

· This thin small portable Sound Capture Unit is a 3 in 1 voice recorder, mp3 player and

8 GB flash drive that make your audio recording discreet. Whether in a

library or at school, conversations and lectures can be

captured with this small and unobtrusive tool

· With memory able to capture more than 100 hours of audio you

will never miss an important event. This wireless Voice Recorder is your

very own audio recording system at the easy flick of a switch

· No software installation. No cables. No external batteries.

Just flick a button and start recording. And with its innocent look as an MP3 player,

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Inbuilt 8 GB space for long hours of recording. . It’s the quick and easy way to record meetings,

lectures, interviews, observations, assessments and more.

· With MP3 Play function. Load up the device with your

favorite songs to kill boredom wherever you go !


Simply flick the switch and record conversations/audio lectures/MoMs in its

inbuilt 8 GB storage space.