Blackhead Comedo Remover extractor Vacuum Suction pen (OP-BR-01)


  • ALL IN ONE: Beauty device having multiple functions of Blackhead/comedo removal, skin smoothing, acne removal, skin firming, pore cleansing, fine lines smoothing & skin tightening
  • SAFE & GENTLE: Non Invasive and Non-Irritant Technology. Uses vacuum suction to remove blackheads. 5 Levels of suction power to suit every skin type
  • 4 DIFFERENT PROBES: For 4 different functions viz. exfoliation, skin firming, pore cleansing & blackhead suction

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  • PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE: Charges with a standard micro USB port. Lightweight and long battery life for convenience
  • EASY TO CLEAN & UNISEX: Simply clean the probes after use using a cotton swab. Detailed usage instruction in manual. Suitable for both Men & Women