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Teeth cleaner/ whitener Pen (OP-TC-01)


1. Polish, Cleans and removes stains simply,resulting in permanent bravo bright luster teeth and healthy gums
2. Uses Custom Patented Nano power swabs for deeper instant sheer teeth whitening glow power
3. Gentle on sensitive teeth, children teeth, Crowns, night veneers, removing stains without causing tooth sensitivity like Bleach wash or zoom hydrogen bleaching. No Aches or painful teeth
4. Simple, convenient, light & easy-to-use without irrigators, accessories, plastic toothpicks, tanning bed lamp or tool set. Saving you the hassle of 2hr whitening herb treatments plus protection from dental diseases!

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Just add water & Brush Away Gently and Slowly! See the Whitening sponge absorb the stains by comparing it to a white background. Sponge can be used multiple times, Nano Brush needs to be re positioned. PLEASE GENTLY BRUSH STAINS FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS & DONT PRESS HARD.